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Updated: March 17, 2017

Roman Atwood is an American YouTuber personality and an international superstar. He has two channels on YouTube and each of the two channels has over 10 million subscribers. He is famous for his daily vlogs and doing pranks. He is one of the first few people to win two diamond play buttons.

He is one of the most popular vloggers all around the world. His family was very poor when he was a child, from back then he wanted to do something in life and live a better lifestyle. From his college days he was interested in film making, he had also created a few film projects in his college days. Then in 2010 he started his YouTube channel and posted all different types of pranks and then in 2013 he started his vlogging channel.

Though he was quite popular as a prankster, but after doing daily vlogs for a while he became a household name in America. People really got connected with him on a personal level, as he shared extremely personal stuff like his wife cheating on him, his kids, his girlfriend, etc. Everybody just got addicted to watch his daily life and that’s what made him a successful YouTuber. Apart from that, the overall quality of his vlogs and prank videos is really good. And a large part of his success comes down to the cameras he uses. 

So let's dive into the Roman Atwood vlog camera list right now!

Roman Atwood Vlog Cameras


Sony Cyber-Shot DSCRX100

roman atwood vlog camera 1


Canon PowerShot G7X

roman atwood vlog camera 2


DJI Phantom 4

roman atwood vlog camera 3

Roman Atwood Vlog Cameras

In Detail

1. Sony CyberShot DSCRX100

Camera Overview

Roman uses this camera for creating his daily vlogs. He has been using this camera for a very long time. This camera is made for vlogging as it’s extremely portable and packed with features. The weight of this camera is just 290 grams. Just give you reference, an empty coffee mug weighs around 400 grams. The size and the form factor is really nice; you can easily carry it around everywhere if you are going to create daily vlogs.

Take a Look:

roman atwood vlog camera 4
roman atwood vlog camera 5
roman atwood vlog camera 6
roman atwood vlog camera 7
roman atwood vlog camera 8

Sony CyberShot DSCRX100 In Detail:

It has a 20.9 MP 1” sensor which can record up to 1080p videos. Recording videos in Full HD is the golden standard for YouTube, though it’s changing to 4k but it would take a very long time. It has a flipping screen, which will help you while you are creating vlogs alone. You can easily set the frame and continuously monitor the focus, lighting, etc. of the video. Using this incredible feature, you can take your productivity to the next level.

It has built in Wi-Fi with NFC which will help you in wirelessly transferring your files to all your devices. You can also upload your videos and images directly to the internet using the built in Wi-Fi. The autofocus and the image stabilization system of this camera is pretty good. The overall video quality is really good; thanks to all the great features you are getting at one place.

The battery life of this camera is around 320 shots, which is fairly good. Though, you would definitely need to keep a couple of extra batteries if you are in to daily vlogging. It also lacks a touch screen, which is very common these days. Without a touch screen it becomes quite cumbersome to change the settings and even set the focus. It also does not have an external microphone jack, which is a must for superior sound quality.


  • Full HD recording
  • Steady Shot image stabilization
  • 1” Sensor
  • Wi-Fi with NFC
  • Light weight
  • Good low lighting performance


  • No touch screen
  • No external microphone
  • Decent battery life

This concludes the review of the Sony RX100M III CyberShot. Overall it’s a really good vlogging camera for daily vloggers. As the overall form factor is very compact and pocketable which is favorable to daily vloggers.

2. Canon PowerShot G7X

Camera Overview

This is hands down one of the best vlogging cameras in 2017. It has a really good blend of features that complements vlogging. It has a 20.2MP sensor which can record up to 1080p videos. These days most of the videos uploaded on YouTube by vloggers are in 1080p and the audience is also loving this resolution. Though 4k is slowly gaining popularity, but there’s still a long way ahead before 4k will be mainstream.

Take a Look:

roman atwood vlog camera 9
roman atwood vlog camera 10
roman atwood vlog camera 11
roman atwood vlog camera 12
roman atwood vlog camera 13

Canon PowerShot G7X In Detail:

It is a flip screen vlogging camera, which allows you constantly monitor the video being recorded. Just like Roman if you are going to start vlogging daily, then it’s having a flipping screen is a must. Because vlogging daily without a flipping screen would be a daunting task, and you would probably miss a lot of shots. It has a touch screen which will help you in changing settings very easily and you can also set the focus instantly just by tapping on the screen.

It has built in Wi-Fi with NFC, so you no longer have to carry those ugly USB cables with you everywhere. You can easily transfer your vlogs wirelessly. It has built in optical image stabilization and an insanely fast and accurate autofocus. Combining all these features we get incredibly beautiful and sharp video quality in a compact form factor. This is exactly what a vlogger wants. This camera is also a long-time favourite of arguably the world's most popular daily vlogger, Casey Neistat

But on the flip side it lacks an external microphone jack, which is a huge disappointment. Because we don’t have a comfortable workaround this problem. First of all, you need really good audio quality in order to stand out in YouTube and for that you will have to use an external microphone. As the built-in microphones aren’t that great. In this camera you can’t directly connect an external microphone, hence you will have to use some kind of portable microphones. And then later sync the audio every time. The battery life of this camera is also pretty poor, it only lasts for around 210 shots.


  • Full HD Recording
  • Flipping screen
  • Touch enabled flipped screen
  • Wi-Fi with NFC
  • Optical image stabilization


  • No external microphone
  • Low battery life

This concludes the review of the Canon G7X. Overall it’s a fantastic vlogging camera for all types of vloggers – be it beauty, gaming, daily vlogging, etc. It would work just fine in any niche. As it has jam packed features in a very compact form factor, it is very appealing to the vast majority of the vloggers all around the world. And also Roman is using this camera as his daily driver nowadays. We also conducted a comprehensive review of this vlogging camera, which you can find by clicking here!

3. DJI Phantom 4

Camera Overview

Using a drone can add that “x factor” to your vlog. You can take some really nice shots of your city, events you are visiting, while travelling, etc. Though drones are really popular these days, but not many YouTubers are still using them. You can start using drones regularly and easily stand out on YouTube.

Take a Look:

roman atwood vlog camera 14
roman atwood vlog camera 15
roman atwood vlog camera 16
roman atwood vlog camera 17
roman atwood vlog camera 18

DJI Phantom 4 In Detail:

Roman is using the DJI Phantom 4. It is a very popular drone amongst the vlogger community. It can record videos in 4k. The build quality of this drone is marvelous. It you can fly this drone nonstop for half an hour. It can go up to 6000 meters above the sea level, at that level of height you can easily get a killer view for your vlogs.

The main and most significant aspect of this camera is its artificial intelligence. It can sense obstacles around it, it can track moving objects, it wouldn’t flicker by a gust of wind, etc. Overall it’s a really good drone for starters.

You can connect any device like your iPad, iPhone, Android phones, etc. to the remote controller and monitor the video in real time with virtually zero latency. Which means that you are literally getting real time feed from the drone. You can control the drone up to 5 km, when your drone moves ahead of the 5 km range the image quality starts to get degraded.


  • 4k Recording
  • 28-minutes flight time
  • Obstacle sensor
  • User friendly
  • Awesome build quality


  • Image quality degrades beyond the 5 km range
  • Of course a bit larger and heavier to carry around than a compact or DSLR camera

This concludes the review of the DJI Phantom 4. Overall it’s a really good drone for vloggers. Roman is currently using this drone in both of his channels. If you are starting a YouTube channel, then investing in a drone can really make a difference as you can easily stand out and create exceptionally enticing vlogs at the same time.


These were the three vlogging camera’s used by Roman Atwood. Roman is vlogging on a daily basis, so he is very particular about the build quality of the camera as well as the video quality. And these cameras used by Roman are very good in both regards.

Roman was very poor, 8 years ago. He was working in his father’s rope factory and was poor. Then he started creating YouTube videos in 2010 and he only earned a total of $0.48 in his first two and a half years of vlogging. After that he started gaining traction and the rest is history.

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