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vlogging camera canon S120

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x 5 Optical Zoom
3 inch Touch Display

Vloggers that use this camera:

vlogging camera casey neistat

Casey Neistat

vlogging camera zoella


vlogging camera fun for louis

Fun For Louis

vlogging camera ben brown

Ben Brown

... and many more!

Camera Overview

The Canon S120, also known as the Powershot S120, was released by Canon a few years ago - yet it remains the most popular vlogging camera amongst the world's most popular vloggers. Even though this camera is used by the best vloggers around, it is ideal for amateur and professional vloggers alike. It is incredibly simply to use, small is size and very light, making it perfect for everyday vlogging. Especially brilliant for vlogging on the move.


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Between £255 and £400


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Small (fit-in-your-pocket) size
  • Battery is removable
  • High Definition video capturing
  • WiFi connectable
  • Super easy to use


  • Battery life is not the best
  • Filter controls are somewhat limited


The Canon S120 is arguably the most popular compact camera used by vloggers like Zoella and Casey Neistat for very good reason. It crams a wide array of high quality features into a super small camera that make it super portable and thus the perfect vlogging camera to carry in your pocket. 

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There a lot of awesome features packed into this compact camera, so much so that it's hard to believe such a small camera can pack so much functionality. 

Before this Canon S120 came along, most "compact" cameras that offered similar levels of features and specifications were much more bulky and not suited for easy portability. 

Let's dive into the most important features of this Canon S120 vlogging camera:


This Canon S120 offers a solid f/1.8 aperture, making it perform great in low lighting situations. The lens also produces up to 5x zoom capability, with a control ring around the lens that works very well. 

You can also fit a lot into what you capture with the 24mm ultra-wide angle nature of the lens.


This is where the Canon vlogging camera earns its stripes. 

With this camera you are able to capture full 1080p HD video at a very respectable frame rate of 60fps. Couple this high quality video with the built-in image stabilisation and you get really great video capturing in practically any situation. 

Such HD and stable video capturing on such a small camera is why so many top vloggers choose this Canon vlogging camera as their go-to for when they are on the move.

Here's a randomly selected vlog of the epically talented vlogger Mr. Ben Brown, which was shot on the Canon S120:


This camera has a one-size dedicated battery. The battery life is good, allowing for a full day's worth of shooting before running out of charge. 

Additionally, the battery is easily removable, which means that you can simply carry a spare in the event that you do run out of charge and cannot/do not want to recharge the battery in a socket. 


You can store up to 64gb (gigabytes) of video and image on this Canon S120. We advise getting the fastest 64gb SDHC card available (class 10 writing speed, if you can), in order to not lose any quality when the video is writing to the card. 

This means you are equipped to record up to 320 minutes of HD video onto this Canon vlogging camera before reaching the maximum storage capacity. Of course you can simply delete as much from the storage card as you like at any time. 

Common Accessories

We personally believe in keeping your vlogging camera setup as minimal as possible, however there are a few accessories that are definitely worth investing in when getting this Canon S120 vlogging camera in order to protect the camera from wear and tear: 

Protective carrying case

canon vlogging camera case

Extra battery

canon vlogging camera battery

HD Memory card

canon vloggng camera memory card

Screen protector

canon vlogging camera screen protector

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few common questions asked about this Canon vlogging camera. So we wanted to mention three of the most frequently asked ones below for you:

Q:   Is this camera compatible with Mac and Windows computers?
A:   Yes.

Q:   How many outports does this vlogging camera have, and what are they?
A:   It has an HDMI socket and a mini USB. 

Q:   What voltage is the camera charger?
A:   100V to 240V


All in all this Canon S120 definitely deserves to have the fantastic reputation it does amongst professional vloggers like Zoella, Casey Neistat, FunForLouis, Ben Brown and many more. 

There really is no other camera that is as compact and pocket-sized as this while packing such top-level features and video capturing capabilities for the affordable price that you can find this Canon vlogging camera for online today. 

Whether you are just starting out on your vlogging journey or are looking to improve the quality of your videos to match that of the world's best vloggers -- this Canon camera is your best bet. We cannot recommend this camera enough, especially for its portability and awesome ease-of-use. For more information and customer reviews, click below:

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