Canon G7X Vlogging Camera Review

Updated: February 26, 2017

vlogging camera canon g7x

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x 4.2 Optical Zoom
3 inch Touch Display

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vlogging camera casey neistat

Casey Neistat

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vlogging camera fun for louis

Fun For Louis

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Ben Brown

... and many more!

Camera Overview

The Canon G7X vlogging camera is one of the best vlogging cameras out there. It is used by many successful vloggers. It is kind of on the high end of the spectrum. It’s mostly targeted towards serious vloggers who want to upgrade their vlogging game. It has many features like flip over touch screen, built in noise distortion filter, Wi-Fi with NFC, built in flash etc. which are essential for creating vlogs.


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Between $350 and $650


  • Awesome Video Quality – The overall video quality is really good. Your vlogs will look extremely sharp and crystal clear with this camera.
  • Flipping touch screen – It’s a huge time saver. With the help of this flipping screen you can easily set the frame and see the video being shot in real time. Without a flipping screen you would have no idea what you are shooting.
  • Built in noise distortion filter – Audio in your video is as important as the video itself. Because bad or noisy audio will just make your video worse. Here you get a built in noise distortion filter which filters away most of the noise in the environment providing you a better audio quality.
  • Wi-Fi with NFC – With the help of Wi-Fi with NFC, transferring your files to your laptop is extremely easy and fast. And you can now get rid of those ugly cables too.
  • Great shallow depth of field


  • Poor battery life – The battery life of this camera is around 1.5 hours of continuous shooting. And it’s not ideal for vlogging, because most of the time we are going to vlog on the go. But you can always carry a couple of extra batteries with you to be on the safer side.
  • No external microphone jack – The audio quality from the built in microphones is not the best quality we want. And the only way to get the best audio quality is to use an external dedicated microphone, but here there isn’t an external microphone jack.Though it has a built in ND filter, still the audio quality is not the best. To solve this problem, you can use a portable microphone. And later you would have to sync the audio with your video every time.


This camera can record videos up to 1080p at 30fps and the resolution is the golden standard for vloggers these days. Read on for our full review of this hugely popular vlogging camera. For now, all we have to say is that it's fantastic and definitely worthy of the stellar reputation is has among the vlogging community.

Read on for the full Canon G7X review...




It has a 20.1 MP lens with a focal length of 24mm to 100mm and the aperture range of f1.8 to f2.8. For vloggers it’s ideal to have a wider lens and as this camera has a 24mm wide lens its more than enough. As it has the aperture of f1.8 it can shoot really great videos in low light.

You can now shoot vlogs at night and add a new series in your channel. And this great aperture will also help you in creating videos with more depth of field. It’s a really nice gesture that will up your vlogging game. The overall video quality of this camera is good. The results are crisp and clear.


It can record videos in 1080p at 60fps, which is the golden standard for creating vlogs. Though 4k is the best but still not that many people are using 4k displays. One of the best features of this camera which enhances the overall video quality are optical image stabilization and autofocus. For vloggers these both features are extremely essential and necessary.

With the help of autofocus you can create vlogs without adjusting the focus every now and then. The optical image stabilization stabilizes your video, so now you can film while walking or riding a bike without thinking twice on it. The image stabilization also opens a whole new spectrum of opportunities for you vlog; now you can film sports events, moving objects, etc. without sacrificing on the quality of your videos.

This is one of the best vlogging cameras because it has flipping touch screen, auto focus, optical image stabilization and HD recording all at one place. This makes it an ideal choice for vloggers and it’s not that easy to find all these features at one place.


The battery life is around 210 shots or 1.5 hours of continuous shooting. This is one of the biggest con of this camera. Battery life is really important for vloggers who are mostly shooting outdoors. There are many vloggers who go everywhere throughout the day with their camera and keeps on recording it. Then they of course edit it in to a five or ten minute’s video, but still they need a camera throughout their day. And here it seems like a daunting task with this kind of battery life.

Though it’s not that big of problem. All you need to do is carry a couple of extra batteries with you and you are good to go. Or you can carry a power bank with you on the go and this seems like a more viable option as it can also help you in charging your phone or laptop if necessary.

Many people have experienced that while shooting at 60 fps it eats up battery pretty fast and if you shoot in 30 fps then the battery lasts a little bit longer. Thought the difference will be in minutes, but still you can save those extra minutes.


It has one of best storage facilities. It supports SDHC and SDXC memory cards with up to 512 GB of data. In terms of storage space, there is a plenty of space for creating your vlogs. If you are even vlogging daily then also you would have ample of space left, so you can weekly or biweekly transfer all your files to your pc rather than doing it daily.

In terms of speed this technology is very advanced and fast. It can read and write up to 90 MB/s. This technology will not only help you in creating your vlogs smoothly but also to transfer your files quickly to your computer.

All in all the storage space and the speed is incredible. You won’t have any problems in terms of storage in this camera. If you still need more storage even than half a TB, then you can also carry a couple of extra memory cards.

Common Accessories

Here the most common accessories/necessities that customers choose when getting the Canon G7X vlogging camera:

Protective carrying case

canon g7z case

Extra battery

canon vlogging camera battery

HD Memory card

canon vloggng camera memory card

Screen protector

canon vlogging camera screen protector

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few common questions asked about this Canon vlogging camera. So we wanted to mention three of the most frequently asked ones below for you:

Q:   Is this camera Wi-Fi enabled?
A:   Yes it is. You can connect your phone or laptop via Wi-Fi and transfer files on the go. You can also transfer files via NFC as the camera has built in NFC too..

Q:   Does this camera shoot in RAW Mode?
A:   Yes it does. And it shoots really great RAW videos. But you can’t shoot RAW videos in the automatic mode, you would have use the manual mode to shoot in the RAW mode.. 

Q:   Can I use an External lens with this camera?
A:   No you cannot. As this is a point and shoot camera with a fixed lens so you won’t be able to use a new lens. Actually in case of DSLR’s they don’t have a fixed lens, so you can easily remove and attach a new lens.

Q: Can it shoot videos in 4k?
A: No, it does not shoot videos in 4k. But still it can shoot videos in 1080p at 60fps, it’s the next best resolution after 4k. Actually there’s a lot of hype around 4k and everybody’s going crazy over this new technology. There’s no doubt that its really evolved and better than 1080p, but the world is not yet ready for it.

It will take just a little bit more time to accept this huge change. The other reason why 4k is not that important for vloggers is because most of your audience will be smartphone or tablet users. And not many smartphones and tablets are there with 4k displays. Though there’s nothing bad in creating 4k videos, it’s just that it should not be your deal breaker.


This concludes our comprehensive review of the Canon G7X vlogging camera. Overall it’s a really good camera for vloggers but a little bit pricier. The video quality is awesome and it has incredible features like optical image stabilization, great performance in low light, flipping touch screen, Wi-Fi, NFC, noise distortion filter, etc. All these features are having a synergy effect making this camera a really solid choice for vloggers.

Though it doesn’t have an external microphone jack and the battery life is also not that good. But still it’s being used by hundreds of popular vloggers all around the world. Though as it’s a little bit pricier only serious vloggers invest in this kind of camera. Using this camera would definitely take your vlogging game to the next level.

So finally I would like to conclude by saying that it’s a really solid camera for vloggers. You won’t have any complaints and also you would be able to create incredibly awesome quality vlogs. It’s portable, pocketable and loaded with features like ND filter, flipping touch screen, Full HD recording, etc. It’s not that easy to find all these features in one camera. If you are really serious about your vlogging career then it’s a really good choice.

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