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vlogging camera canon 70d

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x 5 Optical Zoom
3 inch Touch Display

Vloggers that use this camera:

vlogging camera casey neistat

Casey Neistat

vlogging camera zoella


vlogging camera batalash


... and many more!

Camera Overview

If you have even a novice understanding of the world's top vloggers, then you will have heard this Canon 70D (also known as the Canon EOS 70D) camera mentioned many, many times. This camera really is an "industry favourite". When it comes to DSLRs, the Canon 70D offers practically ever essential feature one would want in a very affordable price range. The flip screen gives you great live view capabilities and the move mode autofocus is a real treat. It's no surprise that superstar vloggers like Zoella use this camera religiously.


vlogging camera canon 70d
vlogging camera canon 70d screen out
vlogging camera canon 70d side view
vlogging camera canon 70d side view 2
vlogging camera canon 70d back screen


Ranges between £650 and £735


  • Surprisingly lightweight for the size
  • Awesome responsive touchscreen
  • Incredible 1080p HD video quality
  • Autofocus is super intuitive making your video and image quality as sharp/burry as you want


  • WiFi is a little lengthy to get setup
  • Viewfinder is a little small


As you will learn in this Canon 70D review, the camera is absolutely ideal for using as a static vlogging camera. It captures incredibly high quality HD video that is sharp and professional -- and is used by vloggers like Zoella and Batalash to film their "static" vlogs for this very reason. Brilliant value for money for the features it offers and definitely deserves its reputation as one of the world's top vloggers' "go-to" vlogging camera.

Read on for this detailed Canon vlogging camera review...



This Canon 70D really does pack all the quintessential features any self-respecting DSLR should -- and that any self-respecting 'serious' blogger would want. 

Although predominantly best used as an "at home" camera for it's larger size (compared to a 'point and shoot' like the Canon S120) this camera is surprisingly light weight, allowing for 'on the move' vlogging, should you want to. 

Let's dive into the more technical elements of this vlogging camera to get a fuller understanding of why it is so popular amongst the best vloggers around!


As is one of the best features of 99% of DSLRs nowadays, the lens in this Canon 70D is interchangeable. This means that you are not restricted to the features of just one 'built-in' lens, but can instead use as many lens on the camera as your heart (and budget) desires. 

You can switch in and out between multiple different lenses that all vary in specification (how versatile and 'powerful' they are) across differing manufacturers. 

With that said, you can purchase this camera with a lens as part of the package -- so here's the spec on that lens: "20.2MP, 18-55mm IS STM Lens", which basically translates to being a great lens to begin using on your Canon 70D to get used to the cameras fundamental capabilities and performance.

Here's just a few lenses most commonly used on this camera:

Canon 16-35 mm f/4 EF L IS USM

vlogging camera canon 70d lens 1

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM

vlogging camera canon 70d lens 2

Canon EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM

vlogging camera canon 70d lens 3


This is what you really care most about I can imagine, seeing as you want to use this Canon 70D as a vlogging camera! 

You'll be happy to hear that the video capturing capabilities of this camera are really fantastic. The 20.2 megapixel sensor coupled with 1080p HD recording functionality allow this camera to capture incredibly sharp video that, quite frankly, looks awesome. Capturing professional-looking vlogs is what this camera does best. 

Just check out this video as an example of the level of sharpness and high-definition video this camera achieves:


The battery life on this Canon is as consistent and long-lasting as all Canon cameras are, which is great. You can get a full day's worth of shooting from the charged battery no problem.

Size-wise, this Canon vlogging camera takes a bespoke (i.e. only fits this camera) battery. However, there are manufacturers other than Canon that offer spare batteries to this camera so budgeting a couple of spares is affordable for all budgets. 

Allowing for an interchangeable battery is great as this means you can always have a spare rather than being at the mercy of requiring a wall plug socket to recharge the battery. 


This Canon vlogging camera accepts multiple types of memory card for storage: SD, SDHC and SDXC, which allows for very large amounts of video footage and images to be stored. 

For a rough idea on how much vlogging you can get out of this camera in one session, there is a maximum limit for video capturing that's set at 4GB, which is roughly 30 minutes. If your single vlogging session runs longer than this then thankfully the camera won't auto-stop recording. Rather, you will get a warning light blinking on the camera roughly 30 seconds before this limit is reached and if ignored then the camera will create a new separate video file and continue capturing with no drop.

Common Accessories

There are a few extra pieces of equipment not provided with this Canon vlogging camera that are worth mentioning, especially if you're looking to get the vlogging setup with this camera that many home beauty/lifestyle vloggers use. 

Here is a quick display of the main, most essential items to consider completing your Canon 70D vlogging setup with:

SDXC Memory Card

canon vlogging camera memory card 02

Screen Protector

canon vlogging camera screen protector 02

Carrier Case

canon vlogging camera case 02

Spare Battery

canon vlogging camera battery 02

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some common frequently asked questions by potential customers for this Canon vlogging camera. So I want to briefly state the top three most commonly asked ones for you now below:

Q:   What comes in the box with this camera?
A:   Along with this Canon 70D body and the aforementioned STM lens, you also get a camera cover, a camera strap, battery pack, battery charger, AC cable and 1m Interface IFC cable and lens cap. 

Q:   Does the camera come with a built in microphone?
A:   Yes, and the quality is very fair. There is also an external microphone port to attach a separate microphone, should you want to.

Q:   Is the camera heavy to hold for long periods of video capturing?
A:   Although of course larger than point-and-shoot camera, this Canon 70D is used by many vloggers as a point and shoot (Casey Neistat being a prime example of this) and such vloggers have made no complaints about the comfort of holding this camera for extended periods of time.


To conclude, this Canon vlogging camera is most definitely one of the most popular best vlogging cameras around today for good reason. 

Vloggers like Zoella and Casey Neistat use this camera for their high quality vlogs because of the epic level of image quality you get for such an affordable price. The flexibility that detachable lenses offer mean that you are able to increase the level of vlogging quality without having to purchase an entirely new camera. 

If you are looking to vlog in the style of beauty and lifestyle vloggers like Zoella and Batalash, whom choose to set their Canon 70Ds on a tripod and statically film their vlogs then this is the best DSLR vlogging camera you can buy for the lowest budget. And even if you feel adventurous and wish to vlog-on-the-move like vloggers such as Casey Neistat, then this camera has you equally as covered -- and the quality of your on-the-move vlogs will be on par with the best vloggers out there.

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