What Camera Does PewDiePie Use?

UPDATED: March 27, 2017

PewDiePie is the most popular YouTube star. He has over 50 million subscribers and over 14 billion views on his YouTube channel. He was at first pursuing economics in the Chalmers University of Technology but dropped that course in the first year to focus on YouTube, it was in 2010.

He started creating videos in 2010 and in just two years his channel surpassed the first million subscribers. He is known for his unique and comedy style of videos. The quality of his videos has been really good all the time. He has arguably become of the most popular YouTube star of all time, with all other insanely popular YouTuber's falling very short of PewDiePie's incredible subscriber numbers. 

He is reportedly making over $15 million per year with all his ventures. He has his fan base or, as they are affectionately known as, his “bro army” all over the world; from America to Australia.

PewDiePie Cameras


Canon PowerShot G7X

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Canon XA10 Camcorder

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What Camera Does PewDiePie Use?

In Detail:

1. Canon G7X

Camera Overview

The Canon G7X is one of the best and most popular vlogging cameras of 2017. It has a ton of features in a considerably small and compact form factor, that looks exactly like a vlogger’s dream camera. It has a 20MP sensor and it can record up to 1080p full HD videos. The overall video quality is super crisp and clear.

Take a Look:

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Canon G7X In Detail:

It has a 3” flipping touch screen. Having a flip screen camera is really important for vloggers. Otherwise it would take you a lot of time just to set the frame and monitoring the video is another headache. The touch screen increases your productivity as a vlogger, it would take you much less time to change the settings on the screen.

It has built in Wi-Fi with NFC. It will help you in transferring the files without any cables whatsoever. It has an incredible image stabilization system and an accurate autofocus system as well. These two features are really important features for vloggers, without either one of them it would be really hard to create high quality vlogs.

The low lighting performance of this camera is good. You can shoot a whole new type of videos at night and spice up your vlog. It has a 24mm wide angle lens which allows you to shoot high quality videos at a closer distance. Most of the videos you are going to create as a vlogger are most probably going to be talking in the camera type of videos, and the wide angle lens increases the quality immensely.

The most prominent plus point of this camera is its portability. It weighs just 304 grams, that’ even less than an empty coffee mug. You are getting a ton of features in an extremely portable and pocketable camera.

On the flip side it has some downsides too. The battery life of this camera is not that good. It lasts for around 75 minutes or 210 shots per full charge. You would have to carry a couple of extra batteries with you and you are good to go. Another downside is the lack of an external microphone jack. This is a really big concern, as you won’t be able to directly connect your external microphone on this camera. Though you can simply use a portable microphone and sync it with your video to get the best audio quality.


  • WiFi
  • Touch screen
  • Image Stabilization
  • Flip screen
  • Good low light performance
  • Wide angle lens
  • Full manual mode
  • Full HD recording


  • Low battery life
  • No external microphone jack

Overall it’s one of the best vlogging camera models out there. It has all the essential features a vlogger would want like a flipping screen, image stabilization, autofocus, portability, Wi-Fi, etc. though it lacks an external microphone jack and a good battery life. If you want a vlogging camera and want to create videos like PewDiePie that the Canon G7X is a really good choice for you. Especially when you consider how affordable a vlogging camera it is for being so high level.

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2. Canon XA10 Camcorder

Camera Overview

It a professional camcorder used by PewDiePie for creating his videos. It is a fairly good camera for creating videos indoors. It can shoot videos in full HD, 1080p. It has a full manual control, which gives you more free while creating your content. It has a built in optical image stabilization system and a smart autofocus system. These both features combined makes the quality of your vlogs really good.

Take a Look:

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Canon XA10 Camcorder In Detail:

Having an image stabilization system is really important for vloggers because without it you won’t be able to create those stable selfie vlogs. See most of the time you are going to record vlogs while walking or riding, etc. and the as you are in a moving position the camera will also move with you creating a shaky video. But if you have a built in optical image stabilization system your video won’t look shaky at all.

You have full manual control on this camera. Meaning you can change every little setting on this camera. It gives you a lot more freedom in terms of creating your video, though it might be a little bit overwhelming at first if you are a newbie. But you will get used to it in a couple of weeks and after that you can change the settings as per your requirements and create really good looking videos.

It has a built in electronic view finder, which will help you in finding that perfect shot even in high sunlight when the display is not visible clearly. The audio quality of the vlogs is even more important than the video quality itself. To get the best audio quality you will have to use an external microphone. In this camera you are getting an external microphone jack, so you need not worry about audio quality anymore. Just like PewDiePie, you can also get the top notch audio quality in your vlogs simply by using an external microphone jack.

It has a wide angle lens which is a really important feature for vloggers. You may have noticed it many times while watching vlogs on YouTube, that the camera is too close to the person vlogging and you can’t see anything else than their face. It’s most probably because their camera doesn’t have a wide angle lens, but this camera does have a wide angle. This allows you to create really good videos even at a closer distance.

On the flip side the body of this camera is kind of heavy. It’s not portable and pocketable at all, like the other cameras we find on the market these days. You would not at all be able to vlog with this camera throughout your day. This camera is meant for recording videos in a particular setup on a tripod. If you are going to create a lot of indoor videos, then it’s a good choice otherwise not a good one for you.

The battery life of this camera is not that good. You will either have to find a power source everywhere you go for shooting or have to carry a couple of extra batteries with you. This is simply a new headache for you, remembering to charge those extra batteries and taking them with you every time you go out for a shoot.

It also lacks Wi-Fi. Most of the cameras these days comes with Wi-Fi and even NFC, but here you are not getting it. Without Wi-Fi you will have to use those ugly and tangling cables to transfer your files.


  • Full manual control
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Wide angle lens
  • Touch screen
  • Electronic view finder
  • External microphone jack


  • Heavy body
  • Low battery life
  • No Wi-Fi

Overall it’s a decent camera. It was launched in 2011, but still PewDiePie uses it. It has bunch of nice features like a wide angle lens, touch screen, EVF, external microphone jack, optical image stabilization and a good autofocus but it lacks a good battery life, Wi-Fi, etc. All in all, it is a good choice only for those who are strictly going to record indoors, otherwise G7X is a far better option.


These are the two cameras which PewDiePie uses on a daily basis. With this simple setup he has achieved over 50 million subscribers. The biggest takeaway from PewDiePie’s enormous success is that to be successful, you need to create really good, entertaining, high quality videos on a consistent basis. He did it for two years and gained a million subscribers and after that his journey has been just like a roller coaster ride.

Though his videos are awesome and the quality is crisp, he has thought a lot about his audio quality as well. His audio quality is amazing and really top notch, and that also complements the video and make it more lively. You definitely need a really good microphone if you are aiming to create high quality videos like PewDiePie.

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