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5 Best Vlogging Cameras 2017


Camera Overview

Canon G7X is a compact camera with incredible image and video quality. It supports recording in 1080p resolution at 60fps. At 60 fps you will be able to create great slow motion videos, vloggers can really take advantage of this slow motion feature.

Take a Look:

vlogging camera canon g7x
vlogging camera canon-g7x-2
vlogging camera canon-g7x-3
vlogging camera canon-g7x-4
vlogging camera canon-g7x-5

Canon G7x Vlogging Camera

Canon G7X is a compact camera with incredible image and video quality. It supports recording in 1080p resolution at 60fps. At 60 fps you will be able to create great slow motion videos, vloggers can really take advantage of this slow motion feature.

The 24mm wide lens helps in creating videos at a shorter distance. Mostly vloggers are going to talk in the camera while holding their camera in hand. The 24mm wide lens helps in covering more depth of field. The aperture is f/1.8 – f/2.8, this will help in shooting great videos in low light. The built in microphone is ironically good.

The overall quality of the recorded audio is good, as compared to other built in microphones. The quality is good due to its automatic wind filter, this filters out unnecessary wind noises automatically.

It has built in optical image stabilization. This will help in creating great stable video while walking or doing some activities. The flip up screen works in favor for vloggers. You can now set the frame really easily and fast. This would save you a lot of time in the long run. It has a touch screen and an autofocus system.

This feature will help vloggers quickly change the settings. Overall having a touch screen makes it easy to navigate around the camera. Using touchscreen you can manually set the focus on desired object. Combine the flip around screen, touch screen and the autofocus. You have a terrific vlogging camera, which will shoot full HD videos for your vlog.

You can use this camera in full manual mode. Though it’s not for everyone, but those who want can take advantage of this feature. You can change the settings like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. to achieve great results as per your given requirements.

While we saw all the great features of Canon G7X, now let’s take a look at two downsides of this camera. And I will also show how to get around these downsides easily.

The first con is the battery life. The battery life of the camera is not good. It only lasts about 75 minutes of continuous recording or 210 images. This is not ideal for vloggers, as they have to record videos every now and then. But you can carry an additional battery and as the battery is replaceable it would not be a problem.

The second con is the lack of external microphone jack. Most of the cameras have an external microphone jack. This is essential for vloggers as they want to have the best audio for their viewers. The workaround to this problem is to record the audio separately via either a portable recorder with an external microphone or your smart phone with an external microphone and then sync the recorded audio to your video.

But still for vloggers, syncing the audio creates a new work load. This is not ideal, they will end up using the built in microphone anyways.

Finally, this camera is good for vloggers. As it is lightweight, has flip around touchscreen, autofocus, records full HD videos, great videos in low light. But on the other side the battery life is not good, sure you can always carry a spare battery.

2. CANON S120

Camera Overview

Canon S120 is the best vlogging camera of Canon’s point and shoot line. It is one of the most popular vlogging camera all around the world. It is very popular amongst vloggers because of its pocket sized form factor. It is a very light weight camera and extremely easy to carry on the go.

Take a Look:

vlogging camera canon S120
vlogging camera canon s120_2
vlogging camera canon s120_3
vlogging camera canon s120_4
vlogging camera canon s120_5

Canon S120 Vlogging Camera

The image quality of the camera is great. Thanks to the 1080p video resolution and 60fps continuous shooting speed. The overall video quality is terrific. Even in lowlight it performs as good, as it has f/1.8 aperture. For vloggers wide lens is a necessity to shoot great quality videos at a closer distance.

The Canon S120 has a 24mm wide lens, which is perfect to shoot videos at an arm’s length distance. It also has optical image stabilization to stabilize the video while shooting during an activity like cycling, riding a bike, etc.

The battery life of the camera is outstanding. You get a day’s worth of juice in one charge. It’s a good point for travel vloggers, everyday life vloggers, etc. who are going to shoot on the go. As they would not have to find an electricity source every two hours. The battery is actually removable, so you can always carry a spare one in your bag.

It’s just more convenient and safe to carry a spare battery with you always. This camera supports 64GB SDHC card. On this 64GB card you will be able to capture 320 minutes of HD video. That’s over five hours of video on one card. It seems okay for most of the vloggers, but if you need more storage you can carry extra memory cards with you. The built in microphone is good but as it’s located on top, it catches wind when shooting outdoors.

To get better audio either you could use a wind muffer or get a dedicated external microphone. Most of the vloggers and even those who uses cheap vlogging cameras use an external microphone. Because with cheap vlogging cameras, even though the video quality might be good, the audio quality is not that good at times. Using an external microphone provides great audio for their viewers.

The built in Wi-Fi feature is good for vloggers. You can instantly upload your photos to social media through canon image gateway program. The built in Wi-Fi not only helps in uploading photos to social media but also in transferring videos to your computer and even printing photos wirelessly.

You can transfer the videos wirelessly to your computer or laptop and not have to carry any extra cables along. That is a really great feature especially for vloggers. Hence, this was the brief review of the Canon S120. In short it is a small but powerful camera.

It is coming with the latest features like built in Wi-Fi and touch screen. The portability, the features and the touch screen make it definitely one of the best vlogging cameras of 2017. Whether you are a beginner vlogger or a pro this would be an ideal choice for you.

Click here for our full, comprehensive Canon S120 review!

3. CANON 70D

Camera Overview

Canon 70D is a DSLR more often used by vloggers who require excellent quality videos. You do have to get a lens separately for this camera, but when combined creates really good quality videos. The overall image and video quality is exceptional. It supports recording at 1080p resolution at 30fps.

Take a Look:

vlogging camera canon 70d
vlogging camera canon 70d screen out
vlogging camera canon 70d side view
vlogging camera canon 70d side view 2
vlogging camera canon 70d back screen

Canon 70D Vlogging Camera

The biggest plus point of this camera is its auto focus. It’s extremely fast and accurate. The thing with DSLR’s is that you get really good auto focus on stationary objects as well as moving objects. Recording sports activities, etc. using autofocus can now be possible.

It has a touchscreen. You can easily navigate the camera using the touchscreen which makes it easy to change settings quickly. But the best part of having a touchscreen is to quickly set the focus on any object. As the camera supports quick autofocus, it changes the focus in just 0.65 seconds. That’s insane.

The battery life of Canon 70D is around 920 photos. Which is really good for vloggers, as they would not have to carry an extra battery around. The average battery life of DSLR’s is around 894 shots while this camera gives you slightly more battery life then average.

This camera is made with the internet generation in mind. The features like video snapshot and built in Wi-Fi justifies that. With video snapshot you can create videos of 4, 8 or 12 seconds clips. You can upload use these clips for Vine, Instagram, etc. directly from the camera.

And with built in Wi-Fi you can easily transfer the videos to your computer or phone. You can even upload it directly to YouTube. This is really good for vloggers.

Most of the camcorders supports 60fps at 1080p resolution, Canon 70D does not. It only supports 30fps at 1080p and 60fps at 720p. See, Canon 70D is made for cinema and the average rate for cinema is 24fps. So Canon must be thinking it unnecessary to add this feature. But this is a huge downside for this camera.

Another downside to this camera is its weight. It’s not lightweight and portable which is ideal for vlogging. You will not be able to carry it around easily.

Now we had a look at all the pros and cons of this camera. Let me tell you one thing. This camera is meant for filming. It was created for filmmakers. The price of the camera and the incredible features explain it very well.

But if you are just going to use this camera for creating simple “talking in the camera” kind of vlogs, then you are not going to use the camera up to its full potential. The amazing features like autofocus, full manual mode, etc. What’s the use of these features if we are not able to use them?

But still this camera is great for film makers and vloggers who are going to create short films. Due to its terrific video quality many vloggers use this camera for shooting indoors and they carry a spare compact camera for shooting outdoors.

Hence, this was the overall review of the Canon 70D. If you want excellent video quality and mostly going to shoot indoors for your vlog, then this could be a good fit for you.

Click here for our full, comprehensive Canon 70D review

4. GOPRO Hero5 Black

Camera Overview

Go Pro Hero5 Black is defined as an action selfie camera in the industry. It’s wildly popular for its terrific image stabilization, underwater filming, etc. Go Pro is a new company founded in 2002, it was created by the internet generation for the internet generation.

Take a Look:

vlogging camera gopro-hero5-black
vlogging camera gopro-hero5-black-5
vlogging camera gopro-hero5-black-3
vlogging camera gopro-hero5-black-2
vlogging camera gopro-hero5-black-4

GoPro Hero5 Black Vlogging Camera

The image quality of this camera is good. It records up to 4k at 30fps, giving you the best image quality as compared to other cameras. Vloggers can up their game by uploading in 4k.

One of the best features of this camera is being able to shoot underwater. It can create a new landscape for vloggers, they can now create new types of vlogs which they were not able to shoot previously. The optical image stabilization of this camera is also quite good. You can literally record videos on a roller coaster and the then also video quality would be really good.

The overall form factor of this camera is very appealing to vloggers. It’s small, lightweight and pocketable. This will allow you to take it everywhere with you and vlog on the go easily.

This camera supports 64GB memory card and has one slot. Storage would not be a problem for vloggers, as you can easily transfer the videos on your computer via built in Wi-Fi.

You can also transfer videos using a micro USB cable. The iOS, Android and the windows phone app lets you control the camera settings through your phone. You can also watch the videos directly without transferring to your phone via Wi-Fi direct.

One of the main benefits of using Go Pro is to have its strong accessories support. You can use this camera in many innovative ways, which is not available in other cameras.

One of the major drawbacks of this camera is lack of display. Even the cheap vlogging cameras have a display. But it does not have a LCD display like most of the cameras in the market. One reason that Go Pro didn’t include display is to avoid it getting it in the way of underwater shooting – the display could get damaged underwater.

It would be very difficult for you to estimate the frame every time. But you can connect your phone via Wi-Fi and use it as a backup display. Though, it’s not that big of a problem. But if would affect some vloggers.

It has a built in microphone but the quality is not that good. The audio lacks direction and is kind of muffled. This camera have an external microphone jack. So you can easily use an external microphone which will allow you to record great audio.

The battery life of the camera is kind of bad. It just gives you a battery life of 1.5 hours when shooting in 1080p at 30fps. Though if you are going to shoot indoors then this would not be a problem. And for outdoor shooting you can always carry around a spare battery.

Hence, this was the overall review of the Go Pro Hero 4 (Black). This is a great camera for vloggers as it records videos in excellent quality, underwater recording, optical image stabilization, great apps. But on the down side it does have a low battery life and does not have a display. Though you can use your phone as a display, it would be great if it had a display in the first place. All in all for action vloggers it’s a really good choice.


Camera Overview

Panasonic FZ1000 is a popular vlogging camera. It’s used by many vloggers as it is lightweight, small and very user friendly.
The Panasonic FZ1000 is the perfect vlogging camera for any vlogger wanting stability and quality. It's a bit heavier than other popular compact vlogging cameras, however having a flip screen display makes it super easy to see exactly what you're vlogging.

Take a Look:

vlogging camera panasonic FZ1000
vlogging camera Panasonic FZ1000 1
vlogging camera Panasonic FZ1000 2
vlogging camera Panasonic FZ1000 3
vlogging camera Panasonic FZ1000 4

Panasonic FZ1000 Vlogging Camera

The Leica DC Vario-Elmarit lens is custom made by Panasonic especially for this camera. The lens is 24mm wide, giving a great video quality at closer distance. Most of the vloggers are creating “talking in to the camera” vlogs these days, and this feature will help them a lot.

The aperture of the camera is between f/2.8 – f/4.0. The aperture is quite high as compared to f/1.8 of the other cameras we reviewed above. This will help you in creating great quality videos in low light. And also capture high quality images in low light too.

The image quality of this camera is incredible. You can shoot in 4k at 30fps. Creating videos in 4k would totally up your game as a vlogger. The overall video quality is crisp and sharp.

The battery life of this camera is around 360 shots. This is fair as compared to other vlogging cameras, the average is around 500 shots. But you can always carry a spare battery with you to avoid getting in to any kind of problems.

The autofocus feature is quite good. It’s sharp, quick and accurate. For vloggers it’s a great benefit as you won’t have to manually focus each and every time you move the camera. It’s great for every type of vlogger, whether you are reviewing products or cooking.

The overall form factor is quite compact and portable. Though carrying it in your pocket would be a daunting task. Still it’s compact and lightweight, easy to carry in your backpack.

This camera supports 64GB memory card. This means that you can store up to 64GB on this camera. For vloggers this could be a problem, as recording in 4k eats up space pretty fast. But you can carry one or two extra memory cards for additional safety. Or you can transfer the videos to your computer to free up space on the camera.

This camera has Wi-Fi built in. It makes it extremely easy to transfer videos to your phone or computer. Otherwise you would have to carry an extra cable for transferring those videos. Along with Wi-Fi it also has dedicated iOS and Android apps. Making it extremely easy to navigate the camera settings on the phone, and remotely control the camera.

One of the drawbacks of this camera is that it doesn’t have a touchscreen. While most of the cameras does have a touchscreen, it could have been a great feature to have. It also lacks a headphone jack.

This concludes the overview of the Panasonic FZ1000. Overall it’s a great camera for vloggers. It’s lightweight, supports 4k recording, have a decent battery life, great autofocus and excellent image quality in low light.

But on the flip side it does not have a touch screen, a headphone jack. Other than that it’s a great vlogging camera for new vloggers as it’s extremely easy to use and get started. And it has a full-fledged manual mode for experienced vloggers.

For our full, comprehensive Panasonic FZ1000 review - click here!

What is THE Best Vlogging of Camera 2017?


Canon G7X

vlogging camera canon g7x

☞ Casey Neistat

☞ Alfie Deyes

☞ Fun For Louis

☞ TatcherJoe


→ The Canon G7X is definitely the best camera for vlogging in 2017 you can buy for under $1000. As you can see above, this camera is not only super affordable, but also used by many of the worlds top vloggers regularly. When it comes down to overall features, portability, ruggedness and weight -- no other vlogging camera compares, especially in this price range.

The best camera for vlogging in 2017 is Canon S120. It’s small, pocketable and portable. You can easily carry it around in your pocket everywhere. As compared to other vlogging cameras reviewed above it’s the most affordable camera.

When you compare the features it has everything you need for vlogging. Hundreds of vloggers are using this camera for their vlogs currently.

The Canon S120 stands atop all other vlogging cameras reviewed above because it combines the follow top-level features in one affordable camera:

 1.  It records in 1080p at 60fps.
 2.  Though 4k is not available, 1080p at 60fps is the next best thing after 4k.
 3.  Excellent low light image quality.
 4.  The aperture is f/1.8 which is at par with the average.
 5.  It has 24mm wide lens for creating the selfie vlogs. In comparison no camera in this price range has a better lens than this.
 6.  It has the best battery life in comparison to the other cameras.
Storage, autofocus, optical image stabilization are at of the highest quality.

What is Vlogging?

A Vlog is a blog in a video format. The word vlog originated from the word blog itself. Today the most popular platform for Vlogging in undoubtedly YouTube. People are vlogging their daily lives on YouTube to their millions of fans. There are vloggers in many different genres like gaming, beauty, food, travel, etc.

History of vlogging

The first ever vlog was created on 2nd January 2000 by Adam Kontras. He created this vlog to inform about his cross country move to Los Angeles from Missouri.

Many people vlogged from 2000 to 2005, but it was still not that popular. As video hosting sites at that time would charge for bandwidth to the uploader. So every time your video went viral you would lose substantial amount of money.

But in February 2005 YouTube was founded. Which allowed free video hosting to everybody. This completely changed the landscape for vloggers. It became popular overnight and by June 2006 YouTube was fifth most popular website on the Internet.

Why Vlogging is so popular?

Vlogging is a totally new type of concept. For e.g. people love watching beauty vlogs rather than conventional beauty tips. Because while watching vlogs you create a personal connection with the vlogger, which is not possible in the conventional medium.

Entertainment – This is one of the main reason why vlogging is wildly popular. People are really entertained with vlogs. It creates a personal intimate connection with the viewers. And when they create entertaining content it’s just powerful.

You are more likely to laugh from a bad joke through a person you know than a stranger, because you are emotionally attached to them. This is what vlogging is all about.

Human Connection – While watching vlogs people create a human connection with the vlogger. It’s a fun and easy way to connect to other people. As they start seeing the life of the vlogger, they feel personally invested in their life. And this connection makes them a lifelong subscriber.

Escape from reality – We all are either stressed out of our job, or hate school, or have family crisis one or the other point in life. Escaping from reality gives us an explainable joy and a peace of mind.

Watching vlogs allows us to join a virtual family and be a part of it. We can travel the world with them, we can see the different cultures of the world, etc. from the comfort of our home.

Why Different Vloggers use Different Vlogging Cameras

There are vloggers in many different genres. To name but a few:

☞ Gaming
☞ Beauty
☞ "Reactions"
☞ Everyday life
☞ Cooking
☞ Sewing, quilting, etc.

This list is illustrative not exhaustive. You will be able to find many different types of vloggers. Each of them have their personal needs and according to that they select different type of vlogging camera.

For instance gaming vloggers do not usually go outdoors for creating videos, therefore they select cameras which work great indoors in artificial light. They do not care about wind disturbing their audio, so they tend to choose the cameras with mic on front.

When you look at cooking vloggers, they want the cameras which captures food at the best. They want to capture it raw and natural, so they select their cameras accordingly.

How to Choose the Best Camera for Vlogging

Selecting the best  camera for vlogging can be a daunting task. Without proper knowledge you will get confused between thousands of cameras. Let’s take a look at the things which you should pay attention while selecting your vlogging camera:

  1.  Image Quality   The quality of your video totally depends upon the image quality of the camera. You should always go for the camera with at least 1080p capability. These days most of the vloggers are uploading their videos in either 1080p or 4k. Therefore the ideal choice if 4k but if you are on a budget then you should go for 1080p.

  2.  Form Factor  – Ensure that the camera is small and pocketable. It would very convenient for you to use a pocketable camera on a day to day basis.The weight of the camera also matters, the lighter the better. Hence if the camera is light and small, it would be very easy for you to shoot by yourself and carry it around everywhere.

  3.  Optical Image Stabilization  – This will help you stabilize your video when shooting while doing activities. If you are vlogging while riding a cycle, walking, etc. Built in Optical Image Stabilization will stabilize the whole video without compromising the quality of the video like video editors does.

  4.  Wide Lens  – Most often vloggers are recording at an arm’s length away. To avoid getting yourself out of the frame every now and then, select a camera with wide lens. Wide lens will allow you to focus on a closer range and create high quality video.

  5.  Audio  – The audio of the camera matters as much as the video. Nobody will like a video where they are not able to hear you properly. Most of the cameras have a great built in microphone and an extension port too. So you can attach an external microphone for high quality audio. Though for starters it’s not recommended.

  6.  Flip around screen  – Flip around screen will help you see the frame when recording to avoid being out of focus. It’s just a small feature but a huge time saver. Imagine a camera without flip around screen, it will take so much time just to setup the camera in position and what if you want to shoot at a different angle?

  7.  Aperture  – The aperture of the camera will help you to shoot good quality video in low light. Nobody will like to see greenish videos shot by you in low light. Good aperture in a camera is must for vloggers who want to shoot in low light more often.

  8.  Good battery life  – Good battery life of the camera will help you in shooting non-stop for hours. Otherwise you will have to charge the battery every couple of hours. But this depends on your usage too, if you are mostly going to shoot indoors than this would not affect you.

These are the main features you need to pay attention to while deciding on which is the best camera for vlogging in 2017 for you.

More Good Vlogging Cameras in 2017


vlogging camera Sony ILCE7B

Sony DSCRX100M2

vlogging camera sony rx100m2

Canon Rebel T6S

vlogging camera canon rebel t6s
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